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Monday, November 7, 2011

(Wedding) Dress of the Year


One of my very favorite designers, Marchesa, just released their new wedding line. Being a single girl, I still have the luxury of fantasizing about my dream wedding (sucks for all you married ladies. Hey, give me something here, ok?). I know it's not normal  fodder for my blog, but I just had to share this wedding dress with you all.

Now, I'm no Monica Gellar with a wedding book containing various themed scenario weddings, but I do have a dream dress in mind and it goes a little something like this stunner. From what I'm told, the dress chooses you, so I won't say that this is the dress I would choose, but if I were like Kim Kardashian (minus the 10 million dollar televised wedding and pre-divorce) with the option of wearing three wedding dresses at my wedding, this one would most certainly be in my line-up. I can guarantee you this though, that come the day (should it ever happen) I will be trying on this dress in Kleinfelds. Amen. 

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