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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Modest Hollywood

Well well, Hollywood. Someone went and got all modest on me! I've been noticing a slight lag in the modesty department lately on some of my favorite leading Hollywood ladies. But this week, most of the gals showed up in true fabulous and modest style. I can't decide who to give my OAKie of the week to because there is just so much awesomeness (minus you, Debra Messing and Emma Roberts), but I think it will have to go to Kate Middleton. The Duchess shows up to every appearance flawless!

Diane Kruger
 Kruger with friends. Look how modest they all are!

Jennifer Lopez

Kate Middleton

Debra Messing

Lucy Liu

Amanda Peet

Kelly Ripa

Madeline Stowe

Emma Roberts

Marisa Tomei

Emmy Rossum

Katherine McPhee

Nicole Richie

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