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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Tropics!

Are you feeling the heat?? Not yet, obviously, because it's still winter. Boo. Fear not, though, because the clothing stores are packed with hot spring clothes, and nothing is hotter this season than tropical prints! Large floral prints are the statement of the moment, so don't hesitate to embrace the trend at full force. If you can't actually be in Hawaii, you might as well dress like you are!

The key to pulling this look off is balance. These prints are not for the feint of heart, so if you decide to go bold, make sure you wear toned down pieces, like neutrals to counter. In fact, I would go even further to say that you should choose a pretty basic outfit and spice it up with a tropical piece, like a blazer or cardigan. Bigger prints are better on smaller parts of your body, so if you have a very large bust, tray and avoid tops, and stick to skirts; if your bu, is the larger part of you, then try and stick to smaller on the bottom and larger on top. 

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