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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Belt Parkway

No, not the highway--don't even get me started on that pitiful excuse of a road.

True story: If there is one thing that this terrible slow has been impinging on, it's been my exercise regimen. Not only can I not go to gym, but being forced to stay indoors is expanding my waistline to the point of no return.

If you're anything like me, you need a quick fix for your office (and weekend) outfits, and nothing says "waist-cinching" like a belt. Standing up straighter would help, too, but since I am not your mother, I will not preach to you the importance of posture.

Belts have this funny little way of bringing everything together and, when worn correctly, make you look slim in all the right places. Remember, you are cinching your waist, and nothing else--belts do NOT belong on the hips... that's where the donuts and chocolate go.

 Here are a few belts you can use to taper that fabulous but winter-worn waist of yours.

Never Belt This Way
I love this one, because there are no notches--just tie and wear.

This is the ultimate professional belt with it's structured style, and the (fake) croc adds the perfect stylish accent to your outfit.

A braided, skinny belt is the ultimate "everything" belt. So cute on a dress. 
So. Cute. 
This cutout belt is so cute, and perfect for all your cinching needs. 

One word. Love.

I have yet to see a belt as cute as this Kate Spade one. Paying for a name, but still cute!

Add a splash of adorable, feminine color with this little belt...and it's cheaper than the Kate Spade one.

Add a touch of glamour with this looker of a belt. Perfect for that extra oomph in your office.

So, cinch away ladies!

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