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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I Learned From The Super Bowl

You should all know that I am a woman of many trades--that is to say that in addition to being completely obsessed with all things fashion, I am also a die-hard sports fan. While my beloved New York Giants are not participating in tonight's holiest of holy games, the Super Bowl, a certain favorite singer of mine was front and center singing our national anthem (and she sorta bombed it big time!)

She did however dress in the most utmost modest attire, which boggles my mind actually, considering how gaudy, ostentatious and superfluous the Super Bowl is and represents. But nonetheless, Miss Christina Aguilera screeched her vocal chords to death tonight wearing this "ready-for-shul, mother-of-the-bride-at-the-aufruf" suit.

Nah, I kid--actually, if you want to wear this suit to the office, it would be PERFECT. 
It's everything Christina usually is NOT.
Check out her performance below!

She gone done and messed up the words!
God bless America, football, chips, dip, cheerleaders, and every other aspect of Americana that comes with tonight. Go Giants!

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  1. Totally loved the way she got dressed. Mod, stylish, classy and formal. All in one, just perfect! The color suits her alot. She looks pretty.


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