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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Modest Hollywood

I have been a bit behind on my Modest Hollywod, so please forgive me, but please take note that these ladies have been dressing snazzy and modestly over the past two weeks. Notice the Christina Hendricks double-take--Fabulous! 

As for you Emily make frum girls everywhere beam with pride--long sleeves and all. I believe they call that 'shepping nachas'.

Emily Blunt
Utterly fantastic. I'm breathless!

Jessica Alba

Anna Wintour

Leighton Meester

Jessica Szhor

Priscilla Presely

Lisa Marie Presley

Michelle Williams

Natalie Portman

Christina Hendricks

and again!

Cheryl Ladd and Jacklyn Smith

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  1. I love the Access A Ride van in the background of Anna Wintour's pic
    I saw No Strings Attached today. wasnt too bad.


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