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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Most Fabulous Dress On Earth

Heidi Klum at Elton John's Oscar viewing party. 
The tears I shed are larger then the shards of glass and glitter that make up this dress. Yes, that slit is a bit high, but two minutes with my tailor and this dress would be nothing short of perfection. Why can't I be famous? It's an innocent request. Heidi--make it happen for me. 
And please give me a free pass to your closet.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars Best Dressed 2011

Thank you for being the most fabulously dressed women in America today. This list is a bit longer than usual, but I had a lot to work with; forgive me, but the taste level this year was positively exquisite.

Hailee Steinfeld-Best Dressed of the Night
I don't have enough words to sum up how much I love this dress, how much I love this girl in this dress, and how much I wish I was this girl in this dress right now. Age appropriate, perfect color, totally classy and sophisticated. You should probably wear this to your prom in 4 years. 
Cate Blanchett
How much do you think this costs off the rack? Gilt, anyone? I don't think I could have dreamed this dress up if I tried--and I have a pretty active imagination. You complete me, Cate Blanchett's dress, you complete me.
Amy Adams
Believe it or not! She finally got it right! Amy, this is truly inspirational. 
There was a noticeable 'modest' trend on the carpet this evening, and she is truly a class act.

Mandy Moore
Utterly delightful -- a whimsical, feminine, and ethereal masterpiece. Believe it or not, that dress does have neckline, albeit the sheerest known to womankind. 

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence
Dear Reese, I said you looked exactly like Julia Roberts in her Valentino the second I saw you, (sorry Giulianna Rancic--keep up with me). But alas, there is no one on the red carpet that sported a look this tailored and classic... and I am glad you took the chance. As for you Jennifer, you tie Reese for being amazing for having a dress like no other.

Ladies In Red...And Purple: Oscars 2011

These ladies dared to bare in either the most audacious color on the palette board, or the soft glow of a purple. Suffice it to say they all brought it like Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On.

I give props to Jennifer Lawrence--her dress is totally Scarlet Johannason circa the Isaac Mizrahi boob-grab incident, but gosh darn it if she doesn't look like she was poured into that dress. Fabulous.
Cate Blanchett... absolutely divine.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Hudson

Anne Hathaway

Penelope Cruz

Sandra Bullock

Mila Kunis

Cate Blanchett

Natalie Portman

The Feminine and the Futuristic: Oscars 2011

Ladies, ladies, ladies--as I prepare for you my best dressed list, I will tease you with these fabulous women who take the ultra feminine and the fabulous futuristic to the next level. 

At least one of these women has taken my number one spot for best dressed, but you will have to wait for that one. Hilary Swank bridges the gap with a touch of both trends for truly utter beauty. Good on ya, mates.

Hailee Steinfeld

Mandy Moore

Michelle Williams

Halle Berry

Hilary Swank

Celine Dion

Gwyneth Paltrow

Oscars Worst Dressed!

Haaa-choo! God bless me! ...because He certainly did NOT bless these four ladies. Way to disappoint in ways that were unfathomable to me. 

I decided to post these heinous crimes against humanity first so that I don't leave you with a bad taste in your mouth when I present to you the utter beauty that traipsed its way along the red carpet.  
These four, quite obviously, do not make the cut.
Scarlett Johannason
Epic fail. This is the Libya of dresses.

Melissa Leo
My grandma had doily that looked just like that.

Marisaa Tomei
Apparently it IS possible to highlight all the wrong parts of you. That sweetheart neckline is just way too high, and the asymmetrical disaster going on down below makes for a truly horrendous silhouette.

Nicole Kidman
Congratulations, Nicole, for reminding us you have hips. If you hadn't worn that dress, I might have forgotten. This is a huge Kimono-no

Modest Hollywood

So many award shows, so little time! This past week has been a flurry of award shows leading up to tonight's big night. Here are a few of our favorites making us proud on the red carpet. And then, of course, there is always Kate Middleton--inspiring. Although they al make me proud, a preggers Jess Alba takes my cake this week as fave.

Will YOU be watching tonight? Please make me proud on that red carpet, Ryan Seacrest.

Hellen Mirren
 Natalie Portman
 Kate Middleton
 Naomi Watts
 Nicole Kidman
Vera Fermiga 
Kerry Washington 
 Vanessa Hudgens
Jessica Alba 
 Portia de Rossi

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Competition Never Hurt

Check out our resident Jewess/Israeli Bar Rafaeli and Miss Amanda Seyfried in cover spreads for two different magazines. Bar was posing for Elle Russia, while Amanda was doing her thing for Interview Magazine. Both ladies (or their respective stylists) chose this stunner of dress. Hurrah for the modesty!

P.S. Excellent use of lace.

Bar Rafaeli for Elle Russia
Amanda Seyfried for Interview Magazine

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rowl-ing With The Punches

I'll take one of everything please! Talk about professional. Cynthia Rowley threw together some truly conservative silhouettes with absolutely glamorous touches--colors, fabrics, textures and shapes included.

Way to bring a little pizazz to the pencil skirt, cardigan, blouse and blazer. These are all Debbie-approved!

Cynthia Rowley

Monday, February 21, 2011

Modest Hollywood

Brooklyn represent up in the hizzle! 

Fiiiiine, I am not talking about my most beloved borough in which I was born and bred (and proud of it!). Nay, I speak of that other most fascinating Brooklyn on the planet--Brooklyn Decker. Now, I am aware that I am a chick, but omfg, this woman is ridiculously amazing...and now she's frum too! Well, figuratively speaking, of course.

So Brooklyn takes the cake double time this week as my favorite with that sparkly stunner, but I must give props to the legend herself, Ms. SJP who is rocking a super disco ball herself. All you ladies make me proud this week. I have no complaints. Keep it up!

 Brooklyn Decker (x2)

Sarah Jessica Parker

Miranda Kerr

Kerry Washington

Hailee Steinfeld

Zoe Saldana

Kate Bosworth (x2)
Even Kate bosworth is making a dual-appearance on the list this week, with quite a daring skirt! Note: not safe to wear to work--risk of puncturing coworker. Cute boots though!

Diane Kruger

Modest Fashion Network