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Friday, May 25, 2012

Rockstar Item of the Day

So I've officially found my ultimate look-- maxi skirts with motorcycle leather jackets. If you check out my Pinterest board Looks I Love, you'll notice that some of my favorite looks involve a nice leather jacket and a maxi skirt. It's just so rockstar. This faux vegan leather motorcycle jacket from Free People is the perfect cheaper alternative to achieving this look. You can buy it from Free People by clicking on the link below, or get it on Zappos here on sale! The cropped look is especially perfect for summer, and it looks much better with higher-waisted maxi skirts.

Are you a rockstar chick yourself? Like, can you actually sing and rock out? Here is the perfect website for musically inclined women: . It's a musical website that sells instruments, accessories and products geared totally toward girls and females -- spelled grrls with two R's for Rock and Roll. If that's not rockstar, I don't know what is! So go get yourself this jacket and pick up a guitar or something.If you get signed to a label or something, I'm totally taking credit.
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