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Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinch It! The Belt Post

I know you woke up this morning and were like, "Hey I need a ridiculously awesome belt to spice up this outfit". You know how I know that? Because I'm awesome. But awesomeness aside, I decided to a do a post dedicated solely to belts. Let's face it-- we're women, and the only thing that excites us more than Ryan Gosling without his shirt on is shopping for accessories. Scratch that-- the only thing hotter than Ryan Gosling without his shirt on is Ryan Reynolds without his shirt on. Fact.

But in all seriousness, shoes, purses, belts, jewelry, or scarves are the accessories that can make or break the outfit. I myself am a scarf girl (I wear one almost everyday), but I cannot deny that shoes are my weakness, and belts are without a doubt the topper to all my outfits. So below I have assembled a few belts that are all reasonably priced and would all be a wonderful addition to your outfit. Don't forget that the link appears above each picture, so if you see a belt you love, click on that link to see more pictures, colors, and of course, where to buy it!
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A neutral colored belt with some awesome yet subtle hardware? Me likes.

OK, so instead of spending 128 bucks on this one, make it yourself. Or better yet, get a 4 year old to make it, it's that easy. Then send a picture to Sonia Rykiel and ask her what the hell she was thinking when she decided that it was OK to charge $128 for piece of rope and two beads.

Dear Sonia, take note. A robe belt for real humans of the working-and-trying-to-get-by variety. And hey, it's just as cute. 

This is kind of like a wear-all belt. There is almost nothing it won't match, and it will add a little fun to your outfit with that green trim while still remaining classic. 

Behold the power of neon. I love a good camel colored leather paired with a neon; it brings together chic and trendy in a really cool way. This will really brighten up a denim skirt!

This is one of my favorite belts on this list. It doubles as a necklace. It's awesome. Emphasis on the AWESOME.

Mint is my color of the moment, so this belt (which is only $11.00!) is perfect for summer!

This beaded belt from Anthropologie is super adorable! I love the clean lines and the wider look. Holds more in!

If you're a name-brand-whore, get this one. 

So, I'm a bit biased because my name in Hebrew means 'bee', which means I automatically LOVE this belt. Plus, it's all gold, which means I love this belt eve more.

Have a fancy occasion coming up? Need to dress up your dress? Voila. Just add belt.

Pink! Enough said. 

This adorable belt from LOFT will look great with an unstructured maxi dress. 

This one looks super fun and structured, and would do a hell of a job cinching your waist...and keeping it cinched.

A belt that is as easy as tying your shoes. Fashion simplicity should never be underestimated or overlooked.

Metallic and elastic in the same product. Perfection.

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