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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Israel Run Down

Now that I'm back from the holiest and most awesome place in the world, I figured I would give you a fashion run-down of what this trip was like. I've been to Israel just shy of a zillion times but I never fail to take away a few small gems of wisdom with me; most of the time they have to do with Israeli or Jewish history, but this list is a little taste of the fashion wisdom I garnered on this excursion. Take from it what you will, but I'm 99% sure many and most will agree with me. PS how awesome is this picture I took below.

1. I adore Israeli weather. I prefer heat to cold, sun to snow, and flowy clothing to being bundled-up. With that said, I should mention that no amount of outfits will ever be enough to bring to Israel seeing as you sweat through almost everything after being in the sun for no less than four seconds. Note to self: must adapt to Israeli heat or else clothes will suffer.

2. The Gap in Israel charges double the price it does in America. That's a challenge to me. It’s like: ‘Oh ya? You’re going to charge me double for something I can get on sale in my own country? Well take that, Israeli Gap! I just bought a 30 dollar dress for 60 bucks.’ Suckers.

3. Blue and white is always in style.

4. Israelis LOVE color. I love Israelis. I also love color. This makes for a totally great math equation, but unfortunately I hate math. It’s too black and white for me, ya know? (Did you catch that joke there?) Suffice it say, Israel is way more colorful than America and I love it.

5. To me, shekel is play money-- monopoly money if you will; 400 Shekel means absolutely nothing to me-- as far as I'm concerned, everything in Israel costs two dollars...including that Mango skirt that I found out actually cost me $70. Oops.

6. Israelis were wearing maxi skirts waaaay before we Americans were. I think they deserve a pat on the back for that one there. Their banking hours, not so much, but maxi skirts for sure.

6. FACT: It doesn't matter what you're wearing, if you are speaking Hebrew in an Israeli accent you are automatically hot, gorgeous, and sexy.

7. Sandals are always 100% suitable for walking shoes in Israel. Disclaimer: awkward sandal tan lines will happen.

8. Contrary to popular belief, Israelis have a totally awesome sense of style and fashion. There were at least 17 women that I counted who I would have stolen the clothes straight off their backs for myself. Then I thought about the whole sweating thing and thought better not.

9. It's incredible how ridiculously stylish and fashionable uniforms are in Israel. Every single person looks awesome in their uniform regardless of the job they are performing. Try and say that about an NYC MTA worker. Didn't think so.

10. Two weeks in Israel is NEVER enough!

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