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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Met Ball - Best and Worst Dressed

Just like the Oscars, the Met Ball deserves a best and worst dressed list of its own. Far be it from be to be the presumptuous blogger who judges these fashionable women, but eh, what the hell-- I'll do it anyway. The following ladies are my best and worst dressed of the 2012 Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala Ball; while there were many more ladies who were more daring and fashion forward, it's these ladies that I liked the best.
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None of these are particularly avante garde-- they are simple, classy and perfect, as are the women who wore them. These best dressed are the ones who not only wore their gowns well, but had the whole look from head-to-toe down.

Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren
She looks classy edgy and old-hollywood stunning in Ralph Lauren. That deep-hued lipstick in enchanting (and kind of 90's, but still wonderful).

Dianna Agron inCarolina Herrera
She has to be one of the most stunning human beings on the planet. This jewel tone gown is perfect  on her, and her head-to-toe look is flawless.  

Tory Burch, Rashida Jones and Brooklyn Decker in Tory Burch
Some of my 3 favorites of the night! All decked out in Tory Burch, these dresses are ethereal, gorgeous and I want them all now. Brooklyn Decker blows my mind, and Rashida looks ever the girl in that floral gown. As for Tory, she looks so fresh and original-- LOVE IT!

Sofia Vergara in Marchesa 
This is by far one of the most amazing dresses that ever was on one of the most amazing bodies that ever was.

 January Jones in Versace
This yellow dress is one of the most fantastic things I have seen in forever. L.O.V.E.the colors, the peek-a-boo cutouts, the sharp lines and the lemony color.

Renee Zelwegger in Pucci 
Like I said in my last post, this dress is jaw-droppingly beautiful in all its glorious detail. 

Given the avante garde-ness of this event, there is always the risk of crash-and-burn catastrophe, like with the following group. Womp-womp.

Dakota Fanning in Louis Vuitton
Oy. She did not age well. This dress did no justice for her. 

Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga
Really? Seriously? No. Such a waste of gorgeous girl.

Florence Welch in Alexander McQueen
 She looks as upset wearing this dress as I am to be looking at it.

Jessica Chastain in Louis Vuitton
Another unfortunate case of bad gown choice. Pretty girl, pretty dress, but not together.

Alicia Keys in Givenchy
It's not the Nickelodeon Choice Awards, MC Hammer-- uh, I mean, Alicia. 
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