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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Welcome to this new little feature I have concocted. It's super trendy in that it involves, obviously, the trending hash tag, and also because there seems to be this need to put the word "problems" after your defined identity (ie: Guido Problems, courtesy of the Jersey Shore).

Since I am a Jewish fashionista (as are most of my readers, no doubt), I have come to encounter many an item I would have like to have purchased, BUT it was either too short, too plunging, too open in the back, or some other non-modest issue. Either that, or I see a celebrity who ALMOST makes the modest cut, but then has her entire back exposed. So Close.  Hence-- #JewishFashionistaProblems

No doubt you too have encountered this, so every time I find myself frustrated at wanting something I can't have (what woman doesn't?), I will be sure to vent my frustration to you all.

Take for example this dress from ASOS. Now, you know I can never knock ASOS because I secretly want to have its babies. But this dress is so darn adorable. Oh, that I wish it had sleeves and came to the knee!! (ARE YOU LISTENING ASOS?). It would be so much classier if it had a three-quarter sleeve and a knee-length hem. Am I right ladies?? Can I get an Amen?

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