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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Modest Hollywood

More and more, these fashionable celebs are turning toward modest attire, and most of them realize that they can compensate for wow factor with colors, prints and accessories. Camilla Alves for example, and Amber Riley, LeAnn Rhimes, and Lily Collins as well.

This week's OAKIE award goes to Jessica Biel! Totally, utterly perfect!

Camilla Alves
Va. Va. Voom! Muy caliente.

Elizabeth Olsen
Not just Mary-Kate and Ashley's sister, is she now. 

LeAnn Rhimes
Hmm. Jury's out on this one LeAnn, on account of this looking like a snuggie. But the color is certainly fab!

Christina Hendricks
What a color.

Janet Jackson
Ummmmmmm. OK.

Amber Riley
Hello adorableness. Sure, that hem is a little higher than we all would like, but it's a valiant effort in the modest department.

Angelina Jolie
Silky, smooth chocolate. But a black bag? Really?

Sarah Jessica Parker
It's electric!! The tights I mean. The rest is great, especially that second dress!

Susan Downey
She's so preggers adorable.

Julianne Moore
I really love her as an actress, but she never seems to dress age appropriate. NO and NO, and never again please.

Abigail Breslin
Someone grew up fast! Hello Little Miss Sunshine! (But I think that dress is open in the back)

Lilly Collins
She's so beautiful, and while the blue dress is just ho-hum, the color does wonders with her complexion. And, if she doesn't look like a frummie on the right, well I'll be damned. 

Jamie King
She's like a pixie fairy. But prettier. Much prettier. Love this outfit, but only she could pull it off.

Octavia Spencer
Does anyone else notice that she lost a ton of weight recently. Looking fab!

Uma Thurman
Such a beautiful woman...who always looks like she is about to be hit by a car.

Jessica Biel

Rachel Zoe
Well, there's something you don't see everyday. TBD if I like this dress or not.

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