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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kardashian Item of the Day

Ya, that's right-- I have jumped on that ubiquitous Kardashian bandwagon for today's Item of the Day! I love these ladies! Fo reals.

For what it's worth though, this vest is pretty awesome. It's made to hide all those trouble spots, but still looks slimming. Believe it or not, this vest is from their QVC line called K-Dash, and there is a video link on the item's site with Kim and Kourtney showing off the item, so you can see how it looks on. Make sure to check it out below! It really is flattering and pretty!

I'm a Kardashian fan myself, so I can only endorse what I myself love. Wear this to party, or for a shabbat outfit, and you're sure to shine!

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  1. ive been watching religiously for years! people yell at me!


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