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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Modest Hollywood

Love me some Modest Hollywood this week! And I am back to my old commenting. I gots me a lot to say. Surprisingly, Jessica Alba is not on the roster this week, so my OAKie goes to Olivia Palermo because that outfit is to die for. Keep it up, ladies!

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Olivia Palermo
This dress is so fabulous, that I'm drooling. Like really hardcore drooling, which is why I am willing to forgive the above-the-knee action this time. So close to modest perfection! And those shoes. OMFG.

Kate Hudson
Fancy-shmancy. I like!

Ashley Greene
Pan-Am TV shoot. Ya, women used to actually dress modestly because it was the right way to dress. Ah the olden days.

Chloe Moretz
This look seems a bit mature for her, but damn if this 14 year-old can pull off anything. 

Theresa Palmer
Frummie McFrummerson has her hair covered too. It's like Borough Park up in here, yo.

Miranda Kerr
OK, now did y'all watch the VS Fashion Show. I did. I felt inadequate as a woman.  Thanks Miranda.

Anna Paquin
Ever the frumster, this outfit is a hem shorter than I would like but just shy of frummie perfection. Flats too! Shepping.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely
If she weren't so tall and Amazon-y that dress would be covering her knee. I guess I should be thanking you too, Rosie, for you my inadequacy as a woman. 

Diana Agron
I LOVE this girl. She's so effortless and beatiful in everythign she wars. 

Helen Mirren
Can this woman do no wrong??? She is EPIC.

Gabourey Sidibe
 Work it. She always impresses!

Eva Mendes
Why you hiding girl?? You have Ryan Gosling behind that scarf? Do you share? I mean the outfit, of course. Not Ryan (but I am open).

Dita Von Teese
How does she do it everytime she walks out of the house. FLawless

Isabelle Lucas
I know that's majorly low cut, but I only post this  because Emma Stone wore a more modest version of this dress during fashion week. True story. Check here: Emma Stone - Modest Hollywood
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