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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tel Aviv Fashion Week

I know I'm a bit late on this post, but regardless, this is a must! Tel Aviv Fashion Week, which ran from December 2-8, 2011,  is truly a rising star in the fashion week strata-- and that's just after its inaugural run! Roberto Cavalli even showed there this year! Noticeably absent? John Galliano. (wink wink)

Now, it's not like frum fashion was by any means a theme at the big name shows, but suffice it to say that fashion born in a country represented by a religion that values modesty is worth highlighting. Mira Zwillinger and Dorit Bar Or's stuff are by far my favorite! Dorit's stuff is exquisite-- I can see it on celebrities not too far in our fashion future, ladies! 

Congrats Tel Aviv!

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Dorit Bar Or

Netanel Zikri

Alon Livne

Mira Zwillinger

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