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Friday, December 30, 2011

Modest Hollywood

I'm a bit behind, I know. I blame Vegas. Here's a rundown of some of the latest and greatest ladies of Hollywood dressing in some of the most modest ensembles. Disclaimer: most of these are slightly less than the frummie modesty we all know and love (ie: plunging V's, shorter hems), but let's give these ladies credit-- it's an immodest world out there, and we're just trying to live in it!

While blacks and neutral certainly take the cake this week, there are a few ladies who don't shy away from color (Giulliana, Shailene, Julianne). This week's OAKie goes to Charlize Theron for having the most effortlessly chic, beautiful outfit!

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Giulliana Rancic
That's the sweetest little dress. I want it for work. Now.

Shailene Woodley
This is like every frummie at a wedding. Like, every single one. It's a fact.

Kim Kardashian
She is stunning, no doubt. She looks so much better with more clothes on her, though. True story.

Nina Doborev
Psshh. That top is not exactly for the frummie contingent, but the dress has its virtues. Love it.

Emmy Rossum and Krysten Ritter
Pretty ladies who almost make the cut. Emmy's dress is a tad short and Krysten sleeves are a bit sheer. But together they make a modest pair in Hollywood, no?

Pippa Middleton
She sorta looks like a nun. Sorta.

Charlize Theron
Ethereal! I want this dress! 

Julianne Moore
Finally! Yes, the blazer eats her alive, but at least she's starting to dress like a human and not a mannequin!

Meryl Streep
Shul chic? It's a bit frumpy on her (that shirt should be a bit shorter), but she still makes this work. 

Olivia Wilde
Woah mama, that's modest. Classy lady. 

Amber Heard
Just your typical frummie look. You aced it, Amber!

Katie Holmes
Yes, it's sheer, but it's more modest than some other outfits out there, so I won't complain. Plus, she looks stellar.

Kate Middleton
I like to think I dress like her. I also like to think I'm a dolphin trainer, so I guess I should stop thinking.

Helen Mirren 

Kourtney Kardashian
I'm trying to make sense of this combo, but I won't knock her for it, because she's adorable.

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  1. Hollywood and modesty seems to be two different things to discuss. But these beautiful celebrities look much more pretty in modest dresses covering their more than half a body.


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