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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammy Awards 2012 Best & Worst Dressed!

My best dressed list for the Grammy's has never been so fabulous! In no particular order whatsoever, Rihanna, Adele, Kelly, Katy, and Esperanza are so super glam for such a rocking party, and they were my four best dressed of this crazy night. I kind of feel like when it comes to the Grammy's you are either on a best dressed list, or you just were kind of blah. Not that there weren't some awesome ladies whose dresses were great (Taylor Swift, Jessie J.), these just stood out.

While Rihanna's hair kinda bugs me, her dress is so sleek and symmetrically fabulous that my jaw dropped when I saw her. No one can pull this off quite like RiRi, and she exudes pure sexiness and confidence, everything the Grammy's represent. I would have loved to see a more daring hairdo, though.

Can Adele do no wrong? I have yet to see her don a dress that was not completely and utterly classy (and modest)! The hair color is a bit lighter than I am used to on her, but her old Hollywood glam is just the thing these Grammy's need.

Kelly Rowland
This dress is so beautiful you just can't take your eyes off of it, especially with her complexion! She looks like she was poured into it, but it is so sophisticated and gorgeous. I picture a pair of sheer sleeves added to this dress for a more mature look. A girl can dream.

Esperanza Spalding
This dress is so interesting and you can't really hate it if you tried. She is one lady who took the famous Grammy risk, but still maintained a beautiful look. She's two parts rock and roll, and all parts stunning!

Katy Perry
I know I will get a lot of flack for this as a best dressed, but I am talking specifically about the dress here. That hair makes me want to never drink blue Powerade ever again, but this Elie Saab dress is so intricate and beautiful and she wears it so well!

I am going to insert my worst dressed here just to prove a point. Just because you are a rock star does not mean you can walk around in these outfits. Crimes against humanity.

 I would officially like to thank Fergie (and Jean Paul Gaultiere) for ruining the color orange for me. And lace. And sexiness. All ruined. 

This made me cry. I saw those shoes and thought about all the camels in the world who were insulted by that shoe simply by the fact that they were associated with each other by color ( and let's face it: similarity in hoof style). Poor camels. I can sympathize. PS Robyn, your apron is on backward.

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