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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Modest Hollywood

With all these fashion shows taking over New York, we were bound to find a few ladies working the front rows, and boy did they deliver -- and in true modest fashion, no less! Mirroring the outrageously modest trends on the runway, Camilla Alves, Shay Mitchell, and others were so on trend and covered up, and the trends have clearly permeated far beyond the runway and well into red carpet territory. Makes me proud. They call this proud joy shepping nachas in Yiddish, so consider me shepped.
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Angelina Jolie

Carrie Underwood

Amber Heard

 Christina Hendricks

Busy Phillips 

Courtney Cox

Shay Mitchell

Camilla Alves

Viola Davis

Victoria Beckham 

 Kate Middleton

Julianna Moore

Kate Winslet 

Katy Perry

Alexa Chung

Lindsay Lohan

Minka Kelly

Octavia Spencer

Chelsea Handler
Sarah Jessica Parker 

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