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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I realized not too long ago that I haven't done a rundown post in a very long time, and as per a twitter request from @BrOOkEsterama, this post will be all about blazers! I love blazers to death, and the best part about blazers is that they are the perfect cover up (fancy or casual) for any outfit, and it's the fabrics, colors cuts and designs that dictate the place and time to wear them. Best of all, any woman of any size can grab a blazer and go, and still look fabulous! Take a look below for just a taste of what blazers have to offer!

Nothing says preppy like a chic blazer. Every time I see a navy blazer (especially with gold hardware), I think of Ivy Leaguers traipsing around the hallowed halls of Harvard, Yale and Chilton (fake, but preppy nonetheless).  Blue blazers are a casual alternative to the black blazer , and reek of Hamptons-chic. Don one of these blazers for a sharp, put-together-yet-casual look. PS, you will never fail when pairing a navy blazer with stripes. Fact.

Notched Lapel Blazer
 The quintessential blue blazer. You'll no doubt feel smarter and slightly more elite in it. 

Like linen blazers, the denim blazer is ultra casual, but super chic to wear anywhere. This one would be great for a white sundress, or pair it up with a little black dress for a night out.

 This is like a school boy's blazer for the adult female. Complete the ultimate prepster look with a pair of Sperry A/O 2s and then hop on a sail boat. Why not.

Barbara striped knit blazer
I am dying for this blazer. It's super casual with the horizontal stripes, but can still jazz up any office outfit during the week.

To really dress up an outfit and complete a look with style, try a colored blazer. Make sure the details are limited because color will speak for itself. The colored blazer looks fabulous over a summer sundress, or even those winter neutrals.

Bright ponte blazer
This blazer is simple and cute and design, but speaks volume in color. It dresses up denim quite nicely, so feel free to wear this with every denim skirt you own, or come summer, pair this with a navy top and white skirt for some true patriotism.

Long Tuxedo Jacket
The sexiness that a tuxedo blazer exudes is limitless. This blazer is definitely more for the nightlife, and if you dare to risk it, can dress up a dull office outfit. 

This blazer is a bit of a risk for the office, but I kind of like it. If you have the type of work environment that is relaxed and not afraid to embrace color, then be bold with blazers like this. Otherwise, save this for a casual occasion like a bridal shower or dinner.

 Shapeless blazers (aka "The Boyfriend Blazer", because it's a woman's blazer that is cut more like a man's) are a tricky deal, but I happen to think the boyfriend blazer is perfect to add over fancier and tighter pieces. These will definitely make any outfit more casual, but still put together.

The feminine blazer is the ultimate in chic and is a fabulous way to soften up your outfits. Look for soft fabrics, light and cute cuts and edges, lighter pastel colors, and a more clean and casual fit. 

LC Lauren Conrad Scalloped Open-Front Jacket
This blazer is simply delightful. The pink will rosy up any outfit and the scalloped edges are so feminine. It's not a traditional blazer, there is no button in front and the lapels and collar are minimal,  making this a true woman's blazer.

If you are brave enough to pull of florals, then power to ya, sista! The cut of this blazer is fabulous, especially if you want to highlight your waist, and the print would look super stellar with a white dress. 

I love the soft neutrals that definite the feminine blazer. SO fresh and clean but still sharp and classy.

I think this one would be great for the nighttime section as well, but this is certainly a print you won't see on men, which is what makes this so feminine. It's not as dainty as some of the other blazers here, but it's a strong, lady-like piece. The cut is shorter than most blazers, and the shoulders are not as exaggerated as some of the other pieces here. Be aware, bold print on blazers are HUGE this season. 

Unconventional fabrics are the key to the nighttime blazer. Don't forget, the blazer is first and foremost a professional piece, so add sequins or velvet to a professional piece, and you are sure to command power in any nighttime setting. It can take any dress and fancy it up while looking clean-cut and tailored.

Sequined knit blazer
This sequined blazer may be a bit overwhelming because of how long it is (I tend to like more cropped sequin blazers because they are less distracting), but it has its charms, and would certainly look great with a black dress (long and short alike).

My twin sister is the proud owner of this blazer, and she rocks it quite well. Velvet is a heavier material, so pair this with lighter pieces, like a soft, chiffon-like top. 

Pardon the supermodel in the bra, but I couldn't find another picture that was more modest. The blazer however is fabulous, and like the one above, it commands attention. Just remember a shirt next time. This blazer will even look great with more causal pieces like denim.

This leather blazer will never go out of style. It's a chic update on the leather jacket, only with more flattering cuts and better fits than in fashion years past. This is the perfect topper for a night out, and ramps up any outfit with a little rebellious biker style, white still retaining the feminine look.

Classic Black
Last but not least is the classic black blazer. You simply cannot go wrong with this piece and it will no doubt look great over anything and everything. Like I said before, this piece is an office staple, so make sure you have one for your boardroom meetings. But don't shy away from the black blazer on weekends or nights either. It's the ultimate in chic. 

This boyfriend blazer is the same as above, and it has a great, casual, effortless look in black. Pair this with a denim skirt for true laid-back style.

Cropped Boyfriend Blazer
I adore this pairing like crazy. A cute summer print and a black blazer are never a bad thing. The cut of this blazer is sharp and sophisticated, and perfect for weekday or weekend.

Another classic for your collection.

Try and stay away from blazers that don't have clean lines and don't stick to the classic blazer rules; anything too loud, too juvenile or too crazy crosses over blazer territory into, well... crazy-lady-in-a-weird-jacket territory. Like these:

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