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Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Golden Globes - Black & White, Neutrals and Metallics!

There are a few things that are positively fail-proof on the red carpet, and if Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon have taught us anything, it's that Black and White will never be wrong. Similarly, neutrals a sure-fire way to wow, in quite an opposite, but equally amazing way that all those colors made us drool! Sadly, the metallics underwhelmed a lot this year. 

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Kate Winslet
It's like she's done this before. Beautiful!

Shaun Robinson

Sharon Osbourne
I am shockingly suprised by how endearing this dress is. Again, reminiscent of Helena Bonham Carter, but could be worse.

Claire Danes
Another classic B&W dress to go in the award show vault!

Mila Kunis

Morena Baccarin

Rooney Mara
LOVE the top. Hate the bottom.

Debra Messing

Julianna Moore
I'm impressed that I'm impressed with her.

Jane Lynch

Salma Hayek
Ooh mamacita!

Maya Rudolph

Jessica Chastain
Theoretically very nice. Theoretically.

Kate Beckinsale
Actually very nice. Actually.

Charlize Theron
How does she do it? Seriously! How?

Angelina Jolie
Flashbacks to Natalie Portman's globes dress last year, anyone? The silhouette is fabulous on her.

Amanda Peet
This brings me to tiers. Pun intended.

Jessica Biel

Kathleen Roberston
While it's not a standout pick, this is another favorite! There is something to be said about the classics, and truth be told, the earrings and makeup make this look!

Elle Macpherson

Heidi Klum
I want to have all sorts of love affairs with this gown! So unconventional but so stunning.

  Sarah Hyland

Diane Lane
Proof again, the older generation is taking the cake on this red carpet!

Amy Poehler

Julie Bowen
NOthing we haven't seen before, but still pretty.

Katherine McPhee
Dress, A+. Hair F-.

Mary J Blige
I feel like she wears this dress all the time.

Thaissa Farmiga
Slightly boring and washed out.

Nicole Richie
Body armor brought to you by Nicole Richie.

Andie McDowell
COnsidering that the older generation ruled this red carpet, this is disappointing.

Shailene Woodley

Piper Perabo
Woah, that's a lot of dress.

Lea Michelle
Overdone much?

Dare I say I like it?

Naya Rivera
Santana would have a lot to say about this. 

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