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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Modest Hollywood

Ever on the Modest Watch, I spied these lovely ladies sporting mostly (if not totally) modest duds out and about in Hollywood this week. Obvious trends to look for: As I have previously pointed out, that sheer top on Kate Bosworth is certainly creeping up everywhere, and the lace paneling on Angie and Dita has certainly been prevelant (see Jane Fonda in previous MH). Shades of teal and turquoise ala Octavia, Drew, and Jessica Alba are everywhere, but it seems that this week it's all about "black and white and red all over"! 

Don't forget that tonight is the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, so I'll have PLENTY to say!
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Octavia Spencer

LeAnn Rhimes

Angelina Jolie
Yes, that slit is a bit high, but so are the cheek bones; so in all fairness, she was just being proportionate.

Kate Bosworth
The one on the left: another sheer top/tiered dress. Noted.

Diane Kruger
Remember that feather duster from Beauty and the Beast that Lumier, the candlestick was courting? Meet the real life version.

Jessica Chastain
She looks so much better in dark colors!

Cameron Diaz

Elizabeth Banks

Kim Kardashian
Granted, that neckline is revealing, but give credit where credit is due-- this is Kim K we're talking about.

Jessica Alba

Drew Barrymore

Elle Macpherson

Dita Von Teese

Uma Thurman

Sarah Jessica Parker

Chloe Moretz

Claire Danes

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