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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 - Worst Dressed

I'm just a humble little blogger, so feel free to agree or disagree completely with this list. But I think you'll more than agree with me on some of these epic fails. Unfortunately there were a few ladies on here who are normally winners, but who fell positively flat this year. I know there are many more ladies some  of you would want to see on this list (Michelle Williams or Sarah Michelle Gellar perhaps?), but I thought that it was these women who just really made a stain on the red carpet. What did you think?

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Kelly Osbourne
Everything that's wrong with this: those shoulders, that fabric, that color, that cut, and that hair. She could have done so much better, and this was just disappointing.

Kim Richards
This was just wrong. Why was she even present? Better yet, who is she?

Amanda Peet
I really wanted to like this dress, but it does absolutely nothing for her and holds no candle to some of the other spectacular gowns.

Jessica Chastain
This cuts her all wrong; she's so pale, that if she were going to do such a strong dress, it should have been in a darker color.

 Reese Witherspoon
I just don't like it. Not even a little. Such a disappointment.

Lea Michelle
Take. It. Down. A. Notch.

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