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Monday, January 16, 2012

Spring Item of the Day

Ahoy, maties! This pleated skirt is so nautical and perfect for your spring and Passover wardrobe! I know I'm a bit ahead of myself on the holiday front, but you can never start preparing too early. 

I have to say that the second I saw this skirt it screamed Kate Spade to me, what with all its whimsy and classiness; I mean, a knee length pleated skirt with a bold pattern and design is right up the Kate Spade alley, especially in this color scheme. But shock and surprise, this skirt is only 40 bucks from Ruche! My only concern is that it may be very sheer, in which case you would have to pair a slip with it. Otherwise, pair it with a navy sweater and some nude colored heels, and you are ready for spring!
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