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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fashion Craving

Woah. Baby. I haven't done a fashion craving in a really long time, and that's because I haven't fallen in love with anything in a really long time (Ryan Gosling aside, of course). These Tory Burch wedges have wiggled their way into my heart and now I cannot let them go. Just as Valentine's Day approaches, I have found a new love in my life; 4 inches of patent leather loveliness. I need a life. And a Valentine. And these wedges (in both colors).
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PS for those of you not aware, I write the name above each item I post, which is hyperlinked to the site or web page where you can buy it. So click on the link  below to get these shoes for yourself-- and me too!

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  1. So in love with these. The green is divine.


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