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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 - The Year In Modesty - Dresses

Ahh, the year that was. Modest fashion certainly made its mark in 2011, and long sleeved, knee length dresses were everywhere. I have a feeling they aren't going anywhere quickly in 2012, and that makes me happier than when I found out they were finally cancelling One Tree Hill. Finally

This modest ensemble is a sure fire, fail-proof red carpet do, and one you should certainly replicate in your own wardrobe. Modesty is almost never done wrong, and all the following ladies prove that. Look how they managed to stay covered up, but exuded as much confidence, sexiness and class as any celebrity in a revealing dress would look. In fact, where these ladies lack skin exposure, they make up for it in fitting and flattering cuts, vibrant colors, and beautiful fabrics and prints. Take a cue from these ladies, and invest in a long sleeve knee length dress in 2012!



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