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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Screen Actor's Guild Awards 2012 - COLOR!

Um, hi. Anyone else a little flabbergasted by these dresses tonight (*ahem* Busy Phillips)? I am. Some were great, some were safe, some were weird, and others were just wrong. Womp womp. On the whole there were some themes, like color, for example. Pinks/purples and blue/greens were certainly prevalent. Take a look!

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Shaun Robinson

Regina King 

Kate Flannery

Julie Bowen

Sofia Vergara

Diana Agron

Natalie Portman

Mary Steenburgen

Giulliana Rancic

Michelle Williams

Kyra Sedgewick

Diane Lane

Ellie Kemper 

Penelope Ann Miller

Emily Blunt

Jessica Chastain

Jane Lynch

Jenna Fischer

Busy Phillips

Meryl Streep

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