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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Boo. I love me a fabulous frock, and both Jessica Alba and Rooney Mara are certainly taking fabulosity to a different level. But let's face it, Oakies; these dresses are so close to modest, but fall just short with the sheer sleeves. Now don't get me wrong-- these ladies are still pretty modest given what the rest of Hollywood is wearing, but this is like 75% of a dress to me, when all I really want is sleeves! Although, I must say that the sheer portions really even out each dress; and all leather dress, for example is not ideal, so the sheer top really balances out Jessica's dress nicely; similarly, the striking red of Rooney's dress is tamed by the delicate top.

On a somewhat different note-- are you noticing any trends here, aside from the sheer tops? Tiers, for example. Just saying. Keep your eye out for skirts and dresses that look this way.

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